Monday, May 28, 2012

Kaiser Permanente alters X-rays and CT scans

I find this story completely credible, shocking though it is. Kaiser made up a silly story about my VUCG X-rays not having been saved in any permanent form. Kaiser has refused to provide the X-rays to my new non-Kaiser doctors. Kaiser also created a false report about the results, apparently so I wouldn't ask for any treatment.

Kaiser hires a lot of people whose job is to talk employers into using Kaiser for their employees' health insurance. It appears that one of the services they offer to employers is to create deceptive reports about patients to save money for employers. I never would have believed this if I hadn't seen it myself.

Kaiser Permanente alters X-rays and CT scans
May 23, 2012

Hello and thank you for following my "gripevine gripes" against Kaiser Permanente. I hope you have reviewed Kaiser Permanente hid my Colon & Lung Cancer from me for 4 1/2 years, parts 1 through 4.

I thought I would take this time to show you that some of Kaiser Permanente doctors lied to me and said they were doing a Endoscopy on me to remove 2 stones stuck in the Bile Duct, when they actually did a Colonoscopy and removed a Cancerous Tumor in my Upper Colon.

The problem was that these Kaiser doctors actually flipped me over at Kaiser Hayward, after the Colonoscopy that they lied about and took an X-ray and replaced all my previous X-rays. Why? To cover up my injuries for California Workers Compensation and my company that I worked for called Clark Pest Control.

From the very start Kaiser Permanente doctors lied on a Radiology Report that showed I had a Tumor in my Colon and stated on the Radiology Report within normal limits and just ignored the Tumor. Then they did a Spirometry Test where the results came back that I had a Moderate Obstructive Defect and they changed the results 13 days after the test to a Mild Defect. The Dr. Glassberg came in and acted like she couldn't access my Kaiser Permanente file, when she could have. Then she wrote this 8-30-07 letter blaming my Mild Defect (Asthma) on my Obesity.

Then I was scheduled to go to a Pulmonary Qualified Medical Evaluator for my Lung Injury that I sustained at Clark Pest Control. I will put down a few pages so you can see the Fraud behind this set up by Kaiser Permanente in Fremont and the State of California.

But I want you to see that when Kaiser Permanente replaced my old X-rays and reports, what they made a mistake with.

The Kaiser Santa Clara X-ray from June 26th, 2007 that Kaiser Hayward sent them, shows that I had a Hernia, but I didn't have my Umbillical Hernia at that time. They forgot that if they replace the old X-ray it will show the Umbillical Hernia. Funny!

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