Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lawsuit against San Diego Kaiser Permanente for problems related to delivery with vacuum device June 2012

UPDATE: I realized why the complaint in this case doesn't talk about malpractice by the doctor. It's becaue Kaiser would simply shift the case to secret, binding arbitration.

I love the new word "mid-evil". It seems perfect, doesn't it? Of course, the teacher in me forces me to admit that the old word "medieval" is also an excellent word, and should probably be used when one is turning in work to a boss or a teacher. But for blogging, I think "mid-evil" will do just fine.

This leaves us with the question, are the actions of Kaiser doctors and administrators too often mid-evil? The sad story below reminds me of the shocking story of Dr. Hamid Safari, who was protected by Kaiser administrators and some Kaiser doctors even after two babies died horribly. In fact, the doctor who complained about Hamid Safari was fired for not keeping his mouth shut!

I am wondering, however, why the complaint does not give more details about the actual events that led up to problems with the birth of Angelina. The deliveries by Dr. Hamid Safari have been described in painful detail, including by the Los Angeles Times. This suit does not name any negligent doctor. Who, exactly, should have warned Plaintiffs about the vacuum device? Was a C-section considered? Who decided against it? I have a sneaking suspicion that not enough education and communication went on in this case. Did the patient speak English? Perhaps the doctor was not at fault, but since Kaiser has falsified so many medical records to cover up problems, we can not know with any certainty what really happened.

See Complaint filed in San Diego Superior Court June 26, 2012.
Complaint can also be seen HERE.

Kaiser Permanente Lawsuit
07/06/2012 10:11:33
by National-Health-Insurance

Soad and Ziad Oraha are suing Kaiser Permanente, they state that Kaiser Permanente used a vacuum device to deliver their baby and caused their baby not only to have a fractured skull but also brain damage.

I am no Doctor but what happened to a C-Section? Using a vacuum device for delivery of a baby sounds down right mid-evil. I wonder if the vacuum device is another one of Kaiser Permanente's money saving devices?

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