Sunday, January 6, 2013

What does non-profit Kaiser do with its billions of dollars of profit each year?

Kaiser is a non-profit with billions of dollars of profits every year(!?) Much of that money is used to buy political clout--and it is very effective. Kaiser seems to control the Department of Managed Care in California.

Also, a lot of the money is funneled into Permanente Medical Group, which aggressively strives for big profits. Permanente uses it to pay generous pensions for doctors and administrators.

Patients are not Kaiser Permanente's shareholders, the doctors are. Perhaps consumers need a health care organization with the public as the owner.

Kaiser Permanente HOSPITAL GIVE $5 million to another hospital when customers continue to pay 10% average increases every year Oakland, California
Ripoff Report
Reported By: SteveW
Livermore California USA
January 05, 2013

Kaiser Permanente has donated/given away $5 MILLION DOLLARS to another hospital, how can this medical company give away $5 million when each and every year they increase customer cost by approximately 10%. 10% increase includes co-pays for doctor visist, monthly premiums and medicine co-pays as well as hospital stays. When customer cost continue to rise and I am now paying $1,237.00 per month plus co-pays on doctors, medicine and related cost. Something is wrong when my cost go up every year and this KAISER CAN donate money to some other hospital. Customer service and call backs are also problem and when you complain nobody ever calls you to explain why things are happening.

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