Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tri-City Medical Center in the top 100? Really? Or did someone do some fixing? Also: Larry Anderson placed on administrative leave

Larry Anderson, well-traveled hospital CEO

Click HERE for new video from the San Diego Union Tribune on Tri-City Healthcare's Larry Anderson.

Becker's Hospital Review, which came up with its own ratings, is a good pal of Larry Anderson. They paid him, for some reason, to visit Chicago and stay at a $569 per night hotel. But Anderson didn't report the gift until SDUT asked him about it.

US News and World Report wasn't quite as impressed with Larry Anderson and his hospital. In fact, Tri-City got a ranking of 1.1 out of a possible 100 in cardiology, with survival "much worse than expected. Tri-City's overall score was 20.5 out of 100.

Quite a discrepancy, wouldn't you say?

On the other hand, Scripps La Jolla received a ranking of 63.4 in cardiology with survival "much better than expected."

I've started preparing a comparison of local hospitals HERE.

Becker's also ranked Larry Anderson himself in the top 100 of hospital administrators, but it now reports that Mr. Anderson has been placed on leave:

Tri-City Medical Center CEO Larry Anderson Put on Administrative Leave
Written by Anuja Vaidya
Becker's Hospital Review
September 06, 2013

Larry Anderson, CEO of Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside, Calif., has been put on paid administrative leave, according to a U-T San Diego report.

Hospital board chair Larry Schallock told U-T San Diego that Mr. Anderson was put on leave in relation to a personal matter and declined to comment further. He also said that Casey Fatch, the hospital's COO, will serve as interim CEO.

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Anonymous said...

What a shame that he had to steal money from the hospital. Calling himself a CEO, more like CEO to put money in his bank account? His salary was $666,000 a year was this not enough? It wasn't enough for a greedy, money hungry mobster.