Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Doctors falsely diagnose patient HIV positive based on claims by Sheriff's deputy

Dr’s Falsely Diagnosed Larry HIV+ Positive Based On Claims of Sheriff Deputy???
Larry Sinclair
Apr• 05•11

Today we received records which were requested concerning Larry’s suicide attempt last September 27th. While reading the records we came across not one, not two, but four (4) Progress Reports and one (1) Discharge Summary where West Virginia Doctors “diagnosed” Larry as being HIV Positive. Not only did these Doctors make this incorrect diagnosis repeatedly, they did so without EVER having performed a single HIV test.

Today we contacted one of the Doctors who reported this false diagnosis to ask how they had come to such a diagnosis. The Doctor was kind enough to take our call and after reviewing the file called back and apologized for the diagnosis. The Doctor informed us they did not know exactly where the information had come from, but they believed it was relayed through the Emergency Room by the Deputy who had Larry taken to the hospital.

Larry is NOT HIV Positive nor has he ever been HIV Positive and to have a medical facility and multiple Doctors record such a diagnosis without ever conducting a test is reckless an unacceptable.

We have just received a call from the Hospital Administrator concerning the HIV Positive diagnosis entered in their records. They too have confirmed that upon review of all notes, reports, and diagnostic test there is NOTHING whatsoever that would suggest a diagnosis of HIV Positive. However, they explained that the diagnosis cannot be removed from the records but the Doctor can go back an add an amendment to the record noting it is erroneous. Anti-Sinclair bloggers have since 2008 posted on the Internet statements that Larry was HIV Positive and now we have a University Medical facility and Doctors placing the same in Larry’s medical records without any medical evidence to support it. This facility even transmitted the false diagnosis to a second medical facility.

We have sent a written request to Jefferson County Sheriff Robert Shirley to inquire as to whether his employee Cpl. Kevin J. Boyce told medical personnel that Larry was HIV Positive (which he is not) and why.

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