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Patient is shocked when reviewing medical record

Medical Malpractice/False Medical Records
posted by Yoko
30 Mar 2006
Medical News Today

When I was pregnant with my 4th child, I was told I was "slightly" high-risk. My OB doctor did not want me to take amnioscentesis test right away. He recomended me to go to this specialist who had 3-D fetal ultrasound. This specialist told me that my baby did not have Down syndrome or any other health problems. When I went back for the second time, she confirmed that everything was just fine. "No problem."

She also told me NOT to take amnioscentesis test since she did not see any signs of Down syndrome or any other problems. I did not reply that time since I believe my OB doctor would follow up with me. However, nobody did.

Three months later, my baby was born with Down syndrome and two VERY large heart defects, which needed to be repaired within 3 months.

A few weeks after, I went back to my OB's office to view my medical records. I was shocked to find out that both my OB doctor and this specialist were filling false statements in my record. For example, "she recommended me to take amnioscentesis test, but the patient declined it." And my OB doctor also stated he showed this report from the specialist to me - he never did. I was also shocked to find out I had been at higer risk than my actual age and after the blood test, the lab was suggesting I should get amnioscentesis test.

I am a teacher and finishing up my graduate school work, but with the unexpected pregnancy and a baby born with these problems, I cannot pursue my career any more.

I had a neighbor whose daughter had Down syndrome, which made her severley retarded. Every day I go through a very tough time to understand my family has to go through what this family went through. My baby is precious and I really want to do my best for him, but it is very very hard. What upsets me most is that I was never given an option and time to prepare for this.

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