Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kaiser waited a year and a half before doing biopsy; first oncology appointment scheduled a year after that

My friend Sandy Wiltgen went to the San Diego Kaiser emergency room because
she'd been bleeding vaginally for months. She was so anemic they gave her a

After she'd been bleeding heavily for another six months, she went back.

They didn't give her a biopsy. They just gave her another transfusion and sent her

After a year-and-a-half of bleeding, they finally gave her a biopsy. She had
uterine cancer.

But gynecology didn't want to refer her to an oncologist. (I think Kaiser Permanente doctors get bonuses if they don't make referrals to specialists.) But they finally gave in and referred her.

Sandy was unable to go to her first appointment with the
oncologist because she died of uterine cancer two weeks before the scheduled date.

I, too, have had some strange experiences with Kaiser. They told me my X-rays would be available to any Kaiser doctor within hours of my procedure. But apparently the X-rays proved that I was right and the doctor was wrong, so they didn't upload the X-rays. They also altered the report about the X-ray results.

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