Thursday, August 2, 2012

Witness tampering in Grotz v. Kaiser Permanente retaliation case?

It appears that there may have been witness tampering by Kaiser Permanente and/or SEIU in the Grotz v. Kaiser Permanente case.

Courthouse News reported on July 11, 2012:

Kristinna Grotz sued Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, the Permanente Medical Group, and SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West, which allegedly failed to stick up for her.

Grotz claims she worked in Kaiser's admitting department from 2002 until she was fired in the summer of 2011.

She says that from early 2008 department manager (nonparty) D. T. used drugs - "in all likelihood methamphetamine" - at work, and that D. T. retaliated against her for reporting it.

This case sounds very familiar.

As a patient of Kaiser Permanente, I was amazed to learn that Kaiser forced its doctors to falsify medical records in my case, apparently to justify denial of care. I have published some of the obviously false documents HERE.

As an employee of a different institution, I experienced a similar problem to that of Grotz. I was a teacher at Chula Vista Elementary School District when my employer retaliated against me for asking for an investigation into abusive, illegal actions by teachers. One of my witnesses told me that Richard Werlin, the Assistant Superintendent for human resources, came to her school and interrogated her about her prospective testimony. It was pure intimidation. The district wasn't interested in the facts; they didn't even interview me! Later, teachers contradicted themselves and each other in their depositions. See Linda Watson deposition HERE.

My union behaved exactly like Grotz' union. California Teachers Association supported teachers who had committed crimes instead of supporting me. My local president,Gina Boyd, said 60 times during her deposition that she didn't know or didn't remember something. See deposition HERE.

Still, I was shocked when one of the witnesses in the Grotz v. Kaiser case contacted me and asked me to remove her name from my post about the case, saying she could lose her license. Apparently she has been threatened, and may be planning to change her story.

I removed the names of both witnesses who were mentioned, but I am concerned that Kaiser and SEIU may be tampering with witnesses in this case, a serious felony.


Anonymous said...

I just spent hours on my story and you page is broken. Thanks a lot.

TommyLeo20 said...

I am prepa ring to have Kaiser permanent investigated for file tampering. I am currently in litigation versus an insurance company that is denying responsibilty, denying medical services, and denying work compensation due to work related injury. A recent check into my past visit medical files revealed articles of care management that never took place. Ironically, these articles make it appear that I have a pre-existing condition to my date of injury. What's more is that the insurance company is also a medical entity. And I have learned how these groups are very much bosom buddies in fighting situations like mine. It is really stressful to have to deal with these big corporations but I am diligently working to expose this wrong of preventing me my just dues. So stay strong and diligent in your efforts, too