Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Filing a complaint with Kaiser Permanente Member Services

1 800 464 4000 Member Services Call Center

(* See below if your Kaiser email isn't working.)

Kaiser Permanente makes it hard to get through, but it's actually easy to file a complaint once you get to talk to a human being. You simply have to ignore all the little tricks they use to get you to hang up.

(Actually, sometimes you get an unhelpful person on the line. In that case, just call back and get a different person. One employee flat-out refused to take my complaint. I asked to talk to her supervisor, who was very helpful. One woman told me she would only take complaints going back three months. Usually they say six months. But if it's a continuing problem, you should describe recent events, then you would probably need to go back and explain the beginning of the problem.)

(Also, you can always fill out a grievance form. )

When I called Kaiser Permanente Member Services call center today, the recording said there were "extemely high volumes and wait times." Not true!

The truth was, I waited less than a minute to talk to someone once I had gone through all the menus.

Also, don't pay any attention when the recording tells you that you have punched in an incorrect Medical Record Number and 4-digit birthdate (month and year). Just ignore it. They are trying to get you to hang up and go away.

After you punch in your Medical Record Number and birthdate, there will be another menu to listen to. Making a complaint with Member Services won't be one of the options, but stay on the line. There will be a pause in the recorded menu making you think there are no more options. But if you keep holding, you will be told to press "0" to talk to someone to make your complaint.

The toll-free number is 1 800 464 4000.


When I called Member Services to report that my Kaiser email wasn't working, Kaiser got me to hang up by means of a recorded message that suggested that the problem could be solved by clicking on a certain button. Not so. I believe that the message was just a trick to get people to go away.

I called back and reported the problem, and lo and behold, my email was working again within a few hours. Complaining can be very effective!


julie willey said...

why does a hospital that does tv/radio commercials about thriving be so remote about when their own doctors go rogue on their patients who suffer years of fear and can't have treatments because of the trauma they went thru with their Kaiser procedure and doctor non-performance or care. he broke the oaths of his medicinal license.

Anonymous said...

Kaiser has made them walk in the gutter so long that they no longer know the difference.
Money is the bottom line as I watched all my care givers lie in arbitration and denied me my records where there obvious gaps and much had been rewritten. I hired an expert and the
contra costa county laughed at me when I tried to appeal a win of 1 to 10 in expenses plus a home. Now I am on Medicare and on the shoulders of the tax payers.
what is wrong with this picture?
even the most brain dead knows that pushing responsibility from a phones non profit to the
government is wrong.
they have been getting away with it for years like the Mob!
where is all the profit going? In the pocket of your doctor when they deny you service.
Run , don't walk before they do something that was no taught in the third world.

Rod L. Harrell said...

I went to as advised by Dr. Franklin Parks Jr.'s office to go to the Kaiser ER and I spent 5 hours there did another MRI and they finally got a Ortho Dr. who stated and I Quote "He would have to poop his pants or be bleeding before we will do surgery on him " This will of course go into the law suit documents...Before this sciatic nerve issue, I was jogging ten miles a day 2 hours in the gym at least every other day, a fairly fit guy. Now I can't go to the gym as when I finally leave the office I am laying at home in bed taking the pills I couldn't take earlier as I would crash my car. I am reaching out to you one last time before this goes to my attorney which also happens to be my wife. If I do not have a response that goes to a resolve for this as a long time patient of Kaiser. I will not only start filing against Kaiser as a Publicist I will have to resort to start taking interviews in the press about this situation and gathering every patient who has a complaint and starting a campaign.

Unknown said...

My Dad is 84 years old. He lost his first leg 4 years ago due to arterial disease and just this month lost his second leg. He is the most outgoing, positive person who is determine to overcome his handicap and make a life for himself. People don't understand his will to live and his determination to be independent and walk with prosthetics.

When his second leg was removed it was removed by someone who was not in the Kaiser network. Regardless the first doctor who amputated his first leg stopped by multiple times and spent time talking to my father. My Dad has a connection with this doctor. This doctor challenges my Dad and doesn't treat him like an old man like all the other doctors do.

I need my father to be successful at wanting to live and wanting to get through this and if it means you make an exception for a doctor, I would hope you would find it in you system to make it happen.

Now my Dad has been 24 days without a doctor while we try to fight for this doctor. He is out of the network and we need them to make an exception.

Today we were denied.

I AM SO DISAPPOINTED, that Kaiser cannot see an 84 year old man's need and desire to have a doctor and cannot find it anywhere within your system to help him out at his age. I am so disgusted with them!

Unknown said...

I am a former cancer patient who has been turned away from being able to see my ENT after two visits to the ER. I was told my insurance was cancelled but never received any correspondence from Kaiser. I'm in my second year of remission but I still need scans, constant checkups and blood work. I have called several...several times to pay whatever premium is required but they will not take the payments. I only way I can see my doctor who diagnosed me with stage 4 cancer is to pay out of irritated, frustrated and beyond belief.....Thanks did it again!!!

Unknown said...

I am a former cancer patient who has been turned away from being able to see my ENT after two visits to the ER. I was told my insurance was cancelled but never received any correspondence from Kaiser. I'm in my second year of remission but I still need scans, constant checkups and blood work. I have called several...several times to pay whatever premium is required but they will not take the payments. I only way I can see my doctor who diagnosed me with stage 4 cancer is to pay out of irritated, frustrated and beyond belief.....Thanks did it again!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been battling with Kaiser for well over a year now. Because of a Kaiser doctor's negligence and arrogant attitude towards my complaints and concerns over the side effects I was suffering from Simvastatin I ultimately ended up having to leave my job.

Rod, I, as well others I am working with, would be happy to join you in a campaign.

Please read my blog...

Anonymous said...

We are so disappointed with the lack of professionalism, behavior, and ethica issues, the X Rays Manager, Irma Martinez is showing to the staff. She is having an affair with another employee from Kaiser named Roger from maintenance. This woman behavior, harassment, and lack of professionalism is intolerable!!!!

Anonymous said...

This Complain is about

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
2101 East Jefferson ST
Rockville, Maryland 20849

I have been a member of Kaiser Permanente for almost past 6 years.

I did apply Auto-pay online payment months ago and had to wait 90 days to be activated but after 3 month still online pay wasn't working since I was rely to them I thought the payment would go thru just fine but it didn't and they terminate my plan due to not receiving payment for one month! Yes this is the truth and I only found out about it after I made a phone call to make an appointment. so I pay my dues and was looking for a better insurance which there are plenty out there and KP is just medium quality insurance provider compare to others since you only have to use their facility and their selected doctors.

I called the insurance agent to find me a good insurance the agent required me to get a termination letter from my former insurance provider so I would be able to apply for new insurance company so I called customer service 3 to 5 time so they finally had faxed me the letter and indicated me my insurance has been terminated by end of August!!!!!

So after I called customer service The lady over the phone told me in order to reinstate you have to wait at least till Dec so I looked for another insurance provider since I hate to stay without insurance to protect my health. However I received a payment of describes exactly as below

ENROLLMENT 09/24/2014 $305.96
ENROLLMENT 09/24/2014 $305.96
ENROLLMENT 09/24/2014 $305.96
Total Now Due $917.85

I called customer service she explained this is my dues and I have to pay this amount whether you have used it or not! what the hell! how I have three unpaid payments and my account is still active but normally KP will terminate plans after not receiving one sinlge payment. I feel they were trying to rip me off as much as they could! So I mentioned I have the fax you have sent me regarding termination of my policy why do I get charge again since my account was terminated and I wasn't able to go see the doctors due to not receiving payment! The lady at customer service when I spoke to her over the phone on Nov the 3th she hung up on me I assume she had no answer regarding these multiple charges,Seriously If I cannot use their service how they allow themselves to charge me and send me bill I just do not understand this. These crooks love money and do any dirty and dishonest work in order to earn my hard earning money!

I will continue to fight with them regarding these charges I will spread the word and leave KP a review on google as well as BBB and regarding this fraud and I will want everyone know about it and recommend everyone to stay away from these people! Their customer service is rude and totally unprofessional and there is no way you can get in touch and meet up with someone in person! I warn you again to STAY FAR A W A Y!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Armin B

Anonymous said...

Kaiser has deep pockets,and will use them to bribe state medical licensing boards,to save their doctors from losing their licenses. They treat patients like livestock and depend on volume of enrollment. They do not live up to their motto "thrive". The only well funded department of Kaiser is it's PR department. Once they sign you's too late to ever have a complaint properly handled. I have caught them reformating my past records, changing vitals and other corrupt actions. They are what I call The Evil Empire!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

On Tuesday June 28 a phone conference was held concerning my wife's medical coverage (Donna Gardner # 61681996) who is currently in a nursing facility here in Florence Oregon (Regency Florence). Kaiser has determined that my wife should be discharged from Regency. My wife had surgery in March that inserted a drain tube into her stomach, removed her gall bladder, sectioned her intestine, and then operated on her brain to repair the damage that resulted from a stroke. All of this occurred within a 4 hour period on March 17. My wife is paralyzed on her right side, she cannot toilet herself, needs total hands on assistance for daily activities, and has a feeding tube to her stomach. How can Kaiser believe she is ready to be discharged? Since her stroke and surgeries she has only been outside a nursing facility once and that did not go well. I would love to hear the reasoning behind Kaiser's decision to discharge her. I know that there is no way in the world that I can provide the level of care that my wife needs. I've been a member of Kaiser since 1974. I have always supported and spoke highly about Kaiser. I think that is coming to an abrupt end. I will be posting my feelings of my wife's treatment everywhere possible. With everything we've been dealing with, Kaiser's refusal to continue her treatment/rehab is something I never expected. Fool me once...

Maura Larkins said...

This sounds typical. Kaiser is fine as long as you're well and you just need preventive care. It's reasonably good when you have a common problem (other than cancer) that presents in a typical manner. But Kaiser uses its treatment guidelines to studiously avoid dealing with unusual problems, and it certainly doesn't like to deal with expensive, chronic problems. The problems not listed in the treatment guidelines would mess up Kaiser's profitable assembly line. The expensive chronic problems don't fit into the business model, either.

Malama said...

I'm starting to suspect the same as Maura. I have had periodic numbness, weakness, tingling and burning sensations all on my left side. My Kaiser GP mentioned the possibility of MS, so they ordered an MRI, which came back normal. The red flag for me was when I saw the first neurologist she was so insistent it was a migraine and "definitely not MS" even though they admitted that "there is no test for migraine".usually MS is the last thing they want it to be, but the symptoms should prompt them to rule out things like autoimmune diseases or infections. No blood tests ordered, and not one of the three doctors suggested any further tests without me prompting them. Oh, but "even though we don't know what it is, there are medications that can help you" ...What!? And turns out they didn't do the right MRI that would be conclusive to rule out MS -one with contrast of the head and entire spinal cord. I had to ask for that as well as blood tests. The neuro is trying to talk me out of a conclusive MRI too. Saying that the gadolinium contrast may be dangerous, which I haven't heard. Very suspicious too when he showed me a couple of my initial MRI scans, and said "look! No lesions!" how am I supposed to look at a picture of my own brain and know what's normal or not? And I got the radiologists report and there were some small lesions.. Not necessarily MS though, as some people can just have normal age or vascular related spots. Ok, cool. But methinks though doth protest too much! If you know what I mean.
And I'm not just a hypochondriac, I was just waiting for one of the two neurologists Ive seen to tell me about their other migraine patients who have numbness on one side of their body that doesn't go away for three months. Or the discuss the results of my spinal tap that also suggest possible MS. Strange how they ignore those questions. I too get the feeling that someone is going to get in trouble for quickly and competently diagnosing a condition that would cost them 10's of thousands of dollars per year to treat. I'm going to be watching them like a hawk, immediately requesting records from my appointments, and putting every question I'm concerned about in writing.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

2015 my father went in for fibulatjon issues and comes out six weeks later with the large intestines removed and an ileostomy. He, being overly medicated with morphine, signed papers agreeing to a one-year and $250,000 max Arbitration agreement, thinking he had 2 yrs. He is still following through with a complaint process through medical... But but open to helping others in any lawsuit cases about Medical Negligence. Are you still applying yourelf to this ? He knows of a two others within a half block with serious Medical and Surgical Malpractice issues. Kaiser is not an a countable or reliably safe place for health care. We also have considered speaking to any reliable press and News shows of/when an opportunity. It's for the safety of others, not a bitter resentment to hurt anyone. Things like this need to be exposed to stop. Follow through with any legit actions you may have taken or proceeding. Stacey. I can be reached at to start.

Anonymous said...

Get what you need and change health care coverage, asap. Within a block my family, including 3 other neighbors within just a block, plus a co-worker of mk e have all had serious Malpractice Issues. My father had lung cancer. Was opperated, went into remission for 5 yrs, but continued with more problems. Bsdef on other stories I'n told, this is a profit for business and money first, not some sweet non-profit health care system. Highly recommend a different health care provider.or maybe you have. Admission s is not the only problem with Kaiser who is slow and deaf to making significant changes in a big enough scale. Help others, too, belonging to a different provider.

Anonymous said...

This is true. The Evil Empire is a bit dramatic, that can turn people away, but understand what is said. Others seriously need to take note and listen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. A family enters ER, admitted for an indefinite stay and then treated for something the doctors aren't even sure why happening That results in major surgery and removal of an organ. Also ignoring specific questions coming from medical so derived from experience in school. I will be copying this post to show a similarity with the the relative's investigation. being done by a third party.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of this. Kaiser is notorious for sending people home.too early. It is truly about profits, not reliable health care over all. Because Kaiser can make more money/profit from healthier people with less needs. It is this ruthless and medical negligence. A relative went into the hospital, treated with easy to show malpractice issues, has emergency surgery, must learn to walk again, and Kaiser insists the condition must improve in an obscene amount of time or go home and consider even hospice.This does not hapoen, as the family becomes inteligently and diligently involved, when what happens as you say should not be doubted and keep connecting and speaking out about what Kaiser is trying to pull for profit than the best and reliable medical care for the best long term results. Go to a different provider. Co fact Date Line and other news worthy sources. This family is up for the opportunity when happens. Your instincts are right about Kaiser and many other I clients like yours have and are currently happening. It's a real medical crime and Kaiser will get caught and revealed in a way the doctors and anyonanyone else can deny. Stay strong. Life does bless. Slyn H.

Anonymous said...

Typo correctiins - Contact Date Line and other news worthy sources. This family is up for the opportunity when happens. Your instincts are right about Kaiser and many other incidents like yours have and are currently happening. It's a real medical crime and Kaiser will get caught and revealed in a way the doctors and anyonanyone else cannot deny. Stay strong. Life does bless. Slyn H.

Anonymous said...

A question. Only a question or two.
1. How can you keep a sick person from water or ice chips or pain killer for 8 hours in an emergency setting confined to a bed refusing to let them move?

2. How can you pour so much barium into sick people without offering enemas or ways to get it out?

Unknown said...

I need help this nueses at emergency room have me waitting im a cronic anemia really bad i am loosing blood and they have me waitting