Friday, December 21, 2007

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Keenan HealthCare

What Makes Keenan HealthCare Different?

As specialists in serving hospitals and healthcare organizations, Keenan HealthCare understands your unique needs as both a utilizer and a provider of healthcare services.

We can provide you with normative data very rapidly and more cost effectively than a general practitioner.

Due to the number of clients we serve and the resulting large volume of insurance, we can deliver cost effective programs designed exclusively to meet your special needs.

We are one of the largest privately held consulting/ brokerage/ administrative firms in California... and have been one of the top 20 in the nation for many years.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by:

Developing unique programs
Using the volume of business from our client base to negotiate competitive pricing
Developing a database of claims information to use in carrier negotiations and trend analysis
Providing unequaled service through our dedicated Customer Service Departments
Offering risk pooling to stabilize rates for the long-term
Distributing updates on legislative matters that affect the healthcare industry
Keenan HealthCare, as a specialist in the field, is better prepared than a general practitioner to offer cost effective, attractive alternatives to healthcare organizations. Our staff are experts in this niche market because of internal training programs, experience and emphasis on continuing education. We routinely monitor trends and issues that impact healthcare organizations to enable us to design programs that better meet the needs of our clients.

As an organization with a well defined niche, Keenan HealthCare understands the healthcare community's issues and operations, and more importantly, the unique problems and constraints faced by healthcare organizations and their employees in today's complex and changing environment.

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