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Department of Industrial Relations December 2007
2007/2008 Self-Insured Assessment Rates

The Department of Industrial Relations Self-Insurance Plans (DSIP) has started to send out invoices for the
2007/2008 self-insured assessments. The invoices are dated December 12, 2007 with payment due no later
than January 11, 2008.
Assessments are 100% employer funded and are used to support the Department of Workers’
Compensation (DWC) budget, fund the Department of Insurance and the local District Attorney anti-fraud
efforts, pay for injured workers’ whose employers were uninsured and provide benefits for injured workers’
who qualify under the Subsequent Injury Fund. The total assessment amount required each year is
dependent upon budgets needed to run each of the four programs outlined and the available fund balance
for each program.
The 2007/2008 assessments represent an increase over last year’s due to a smaller carry over balance than
expected, a loan made to the Division of Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA), an increase in the DWC’s
operating expenses, as well as, a one time investment in the DWC’s Electronic Adjudication Management
2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
Total Assessment $165 million $209 million $195 million $281 million
$329 million
User Funding Assessment
(DWC and DIR)
.012656 .021993 .017982 .019662
Uninsured Employers Benefit
Trust Fund Assessment
.004923 .002696 .003572 .001785
Subsequent Injuries Benefit Trust
Fund Assessment
.001121 .001099 .001586 .002727 .000814
Anti-Fraud Surcharge .004712 .003662 .003772 .005451 .006031
Each self-insured employer’s actual assessment amount is contingent upon indemnity paid as reported on
your most recent Self-Insured Annual Report (fiscal year 2006-2007 for public entities and the 2006 calendar
year for private employers).
For those customers who, for budgeting purposes, need to estimate their 2008/2009 Self-Insured
Assessments, please contact your Claims Analyst who can provide with this information.
If you have any questions regarding the information contained in this Briefing, please feel free to contact your
Account Executive, Claims Analyst or Christine Gerbasi at 310-212-0363 x3760 or



We currently accept the following insurances:

- Aetna
- Beech Street
- Blue Cross
- Blue Shield
- Department of Labor (Federal W/C)
- First Health/CCN
- Keenan and Associates
- Medicare
- PacifiCare
- State Fund (SCIF)
- United HealthCare

We also accept many more Private and PPO Insurances and we are providers for most of the Workers' Compensation Medical Provider Networks (MPN's).

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