Saturday, December 22, 2007

Keenan outreach

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Code of Ethics
In the conduct of our business, we are and will continue to be guided by the following principles:

We will be fair and truthful in our relations with our clients, our coworkers and our carriers.

We will conduct our business in a manner which will enable us to take pride in our efforts and in the products and services that we provide.

We will be flexible and responsive to the changing world in which we live.

We will constantly strive to improve upon all we do.

We will act in a manner that will earn the respect and esteem of others.

We will be exemplary citizens in the communities in which we live.

We will achieve all financial success and growth as a result of adhering to these principles.

Community Involvement

Keenan is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. At Keenan, we seek out opportunities to give to those communities where the company has business and employee presence.

Corporate Giving - Contributing to the creation of a stronger and better community is the responsibility of every corporation. Keenan strives to make a difference in its community through donations, sponsorships and employee volunteerism.

Community Enrichment - Keenan fosters personal growth in the lives of individuals and groups through its participation in education, arts and cultural programs.

Outreach - Keenan employees have an opportunity to directly impact their community by giving of their time, talents and resources.

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