Monday, June 4, 2012

The Dept. of Managed Health Care's Andrew George won't respond to a complaint--will Shelley Rouillard?

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June 4, 2012

Shelley Rouillard, Chief Deputy Director
Holly Pearson, Deputy Director and General Counsel
California Dept. of Managed Health Care

Re: Complaint 603896-STD01 and also two related Jan. 1, 2012 complaints [about VUCG problem]

Dear Ms. Rouillard and Ms. Pearson:

I have patiently worked my way up the chain of command at DOMHC [DMHC], but my complaints have not been acknowledged.
Is it DOMHC’s policy to ignore written complaints? If not, then please respond to this complaint. I described my problem in the attached letter to Andrew George and Carol Massey-McCants, but I received no response. My complaint is now threefold:
(1) the original complaint about Kaiser;
(2) the failure of DOMHC to respond adequately to the Kaiser complaint;
(3) the failure of DOMHC to respond to my complaint about DOMHC.
Yours truly,
Maura Larkins

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