Friday, June 29, 2012

San Diego Woman Details Medical Nightmare Caused by Doctor

Woman Details Medical Nightmare A huge jury verdict won't end her suffering or ease the emotional pain she says was caused by a local doctor
By Paul Krueger and Christine Haas
NBC 7 San Diego
Jun 29, 2012

On May 22, Kelly Currie and her husband won a huge jury verdict, in an El Cajon courtroom after several surgeries and attempts to repair damage she said was caused by local doctor Kris Ghosh. NBC 7s Christine Haas reports.

On May 22, Kelly Currie and her husband won a huge jury verdict, in an El Cajon courtroom.

But Kelly says that that money won't end her suffering, or ease her emotional pain. “I would give every penny of it back, to go back to before surgery,” Kelly told NBC 7 News in an exclusive interview.

“To be back to normal, to have my body back to normal."

Kelly's nightmare started in 2009, when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Doctor Kris Ghosh recommended a complete hysterectomy, which would remove Kelly’s cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Kelly and her husband were impressed with his experience and self-confidence, and took his advice.

"I just wanted to get rid of the cancer," Kelly recalled.

And while that surgery did remove the cancer, it also left Kelly with severe pain. She knew something else was wrong, when she got ready to leave the hospital.

"And when I stood up, blood went everywhere,” she remembered, as if it happened yesterday. “Down my legs, all over the floor."

That scary experience was only the start of Kelly's problems.

Problems her lawyer, Chris Hulburt, said could have been avoided, if Dr. Ghosh had performed a routine “cone” biopsy on Kelly's cervix, before doing that surgery. Hulburt specializes in medical malpractice cases. He says that biopsy would have revealed that Kelly had a tiny, almost microscopic, cancer that did not require radical surgery.

“And it was our case that if he'd done the smallest surgery, none of these (surgical) injuries would have happened, and she would have been fine,” Hulburt said.

Kelly said those additional surgical injuries became apparent, when she got home from the hospital...

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