Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Rawlings Group plunders its own employees as it plunders Kaiser Permanente Patients

Click on image to enlarge. Thanks to Jacqueline Finney for the image.

See video on Fix US Health website about the Rawlings Group's actions on behalf of Kaiser Permanente: "Kaiser Permanente Plunders Patients' Piece of the Pie."

Here's a quote from the site:

"Managed Care: Kaiser Permanente Plunders Patients’ Piece of the Pie. Kaiser Permanente has colluded with the Rawlings Company to illegally coerce patients to disclose confidential information in order to track down accident victims to shake them down. The technical term is subrogation. If you have received a letter from Kaiser or Rawlings, demanding accident information, you are at risk that their lawyers may steal money required to ease your suffering. Please e-mail us if you have you have received such a letter from Kaiser or Rawlings. Together we can petition public officials to stop this scam. Kaiser’s and Rawlings’ false statements violate California’s Unfair Competition Law and offend public policy. Our e-mail is We invite you to visit our patient protection website at"

The same video is available on YouTube.

Also see post re HMO Hardball's story on Angela Farnum.

Rawlings/Kaiser actions in the Heriberto Sandoval case are documented in this lawsuit.

Rawlings Group sued over OT
The Rawlings Group has 550 employees in its 156,000-square-foot headquarters off New Moody Lane in La Grange.
Andrea Uhde
Sep 16, 2008

Oldham County's largest private employer, The Rawlings Group, is being sued by two current and two former employees who say they are owed money for overtime they worked in the last five years.

Diana Johnston, Denise Matthews, Tawnya Davis and Tracy Hobbs, all of Jefferson County, filed the lawsuit in Oldham Circuit Court Aug. 26.

In it, they claim they were regularly required to work more than 40 hours a week and weren't paid overtime because they were misclassified as exempt rather than non-exempt employees, in violation of Kentucky Wage and Hour Laws. Overtime is 1.5 times regular rate pay...

Rawlings Group seems to agree with Jacqueline Finney that respecting the law and patients' rights is not one of its goals:


There are many criteria to consider when selecting a claims recovery vendor, but proven ability to deliver bottom line results is among the most important of all. At The Rawlings Group, that is exactly what we deliver.

The Rawlings Group has made significant investments in our internal systems, procedures, and staff. The infrastructure that we have built as a result of these investments has allowed us to consistently generate gross recoveries that are significantly higher—often by multiples—than what other vendors are routinely able to produce. And that means significantly higher bottom line results for our clients.

So what does this mean to you? Simple. When it comes time to select a vendor, do not be distracted by lowball fees, extravagant claims, etc. Rather, focus on bottom line results. When you do, the decision is clear—Rawlings delivers more net revenue to your bottom line than what any other company can deliver.

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